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Work Highlights

banner cartoon image of cereal cartoon character cap'n crunch kicking a football. The image shows a website html

Cap’n Crunch “Crunch Time”


Drive to a sweepstakes giving away an MVP game experience.


Tap into our demo’s nostalgia for college football by tapping into their love for the history of the game.


The game and graphics were inspired by my experience playing ATARI with my mother as a child. From the box cover art, to game sounds, and the sprites this was an ode to the Saturday mornings I spent with her.

Our demo’s nostalgia for college football and 8-bit gaming with a football-themed Snapchat game complete with personalized phone wall papers in the colors of their favorite college teams and social video.


We took a three pronged approach to this project.

The Hype: Our support content had to look authentic to each social media platform we were planning to purchase media on. Due to a unique business partnership with SnapChat Inc. we were able to gain direct insights on what swipe up techniques worked best on platform.

The Crunch: We were working with a small game development budget; this actually limits the coding complexity, but ATARI games from the 70s and 80s were simple and the best ones were smooth and refined.  This wasn’t a problem for my coding and UX|UI team who saw limited functionality as a puzzle that could unlock the competitive passion of our audience.

The Milk: Cap’n Crunch is good all the way to the last drop of milk. Which is why we decided to hide end of game easter eggs for our audience. Pending on the Cap’n Crunch uniform you chose the end of your game session came with a special colorrized poster featuring the whole Cap’n Crunch Gang decked out in your team colors. The posters were inspired by some of the greatest game art created during the 1970s.


Over the first 10 days of the campaign, we had 1.2 million swipe ups on SnapChat alone and an aggregate 600 days of gameplay! In 11 days of game play on SnapChat alone our team aggregated 2 years of gameplay! That’s 1,052, 098.4 MINUTES! Budget was expanded by the client and we were able to run “Crunch Time” on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

After 2 weeks the video game was adopted for general use on the Cap’n Crunch website and promoted internally through out Pepsi Co. where it lived for 3 years.