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Work Highlights

banner cartoon image of cereal cartoon character cap'n crunch kicking a football. The image shows a website html

Engagement Highlight:

Utilizing optimization the “Crunch Six” received over 146k views.

Cap’n Crunch

Challenge: Drive to a sweepstakes giving away an MVP game experience.


Tap into our demo’s nostalgia for college football by tapping into their love for the history of the game.


The goal of the activation was to tapping into the Manchild’s love of Cap’n Crunch and their love for NCAA Football Pepsi asked Vaynermedia to celebrate historic moments in college football. My team went all out.

First started by Identifying 4 unmistakable college football moments across the decades we knew our overlapping audience would love.


We 3D scanning classic pieces of Cap’n Crunch and Crunch Berries and turned them into animated pieces.

Then we broke down the box to display our call to action. Our box would later become Crunch U Stadium where our plays would unfold.

We meticulously broke down each play second by second in order to animate the ultimate treat for our Cap’n Crunch ESPN College Gameday fans. Getting the plays right took a critical directors lens because there is no fooling these fans.

The animations were so successfully popular ESPN College Gameday would later go on to make mini-documentaries featuring the men and women our team took inspiration from. 


Each play was given a set budget on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. What was meant to inspire our audience to purchase Cap’n Crunch and enter to the Cap’n Crunch x ESPN College Gameday Sweepstakes turned into some of Cap’n Crunch’s most engaged and commented ads in their brands history. 

For some fans it was like the plays happened all over again…

screen shot of fans response