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Skype Travel Influencer “Southern Boys” | MATT AND BLUE

Skype wanted to tap into the lives of LGBTQIA parents Matt Dallas and Blue Hamilton. These two parents enjoy making content that shows their everyday life, whether it be a new camping adventure, a fun DIY home project, or cook up a storm at home.

Skype provided Matt and Blue all the tools they needed for a much needed trip to Nashville. This was their first trip after becoming new fathers. They showed off new SKYPE Mobile features including “Moments” and fun UGC tools for their fans and friends to enjoy.

Matt Dallas is best known for playing the title character on the ABC Family series Kyle XY.

With this video received over 175k views on YouTube alone.

  • Matt Instagram: 223k Followers
  • Blue Instagram: 111k Followers
  • Matt Twitter: 84.1k Followers
  • Blue Twitter: 20.5k Followers
  • Matt Facebook: 167k Followers
  • YouTube: 394k Subcribers