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Jesse “Fangs”

  • Instagram 217k Followers
  • Youtube 1.3 million Subscribers
  • Twitter 236k Followers

Skype Gamer Influencer “Gamer Trivia with Jesse Fangs”

If you’re a pro at the popular quiz game HQ Trivia on iOS or Android, you might have tried out our bespoke Microsoft’s Trivia with Fangs Skype bot. The fun quiz bot that gave every day users an opportunity to win a brand new Microsoft X Box One S. This was  the result of a partnership with pro-gamer Jesse Fangs, and tasked the user with answering gaming related questions.

To get started with the Trivia with Fangs Skype bot all you needed was a Skype account and add the trivia bot to your contacts on Skype on desktop, iOS, or Android. You were then able type a “Hello” message to get one of three trivia challenges started— 80’s the foundation, ’90s the revolution, and 2000s and beyond: the final level.

Each of the challenges consists of a series short 5-second video questions from Jesse Fangs. There is no time limit, and after watching, you could type out your answer to keep proceeding through the round.  If you complete a full section of trivia challenge questions, you will be entered to win an Xbox One S. Winners for each decade were notified two weeks after the bot went live.

Fans were also able to use the Trivia with Fangs bot to learn more about Jesse Fangs.